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1995 A124 Amg Rims

1995 A124 AMG Rims

$ 9,500

Make: Mercedes-benz
Model: E-class
Condition: Used
Mileage: 97000
Engine: M104
Location: 33155, Miami, Florida
SellerID: 305garagesale
VIN#: WDBEA66E6SC274957

Seller's Notes:

Before you commit to purchase the car I owe you due diligence in disclosing everything on the current condition of the car. I want to make sure you are happy with the car that has been with me for 7 years. The car runs well and is very fast. I was overseas when Irma hit Miami and fortunately the vehicle suffered no outside damage, unfortunately the force of the wind caused water to enter the car through seals that would normally hold. I have removed the interior of the vehicle in order to have it refurbished after replacing the hydraulic pistons and repaint the interior flooring. There is some minor surface rust that needs to be addressed. It was removed and it awaiting painting. No electrical damage inside, however the front seats need new covers and the rear carpet was full of hydraulic fluid and water and was deteriorating rapidly. So the rear carpet was dumped I have a Coupe rear carpet which I am throwing in in lieu of not having the original. I needs backing repair. Front suspension needs LCA, Shocks, Mounts, Brake Rotors, Engine Mounts- Propeller shaft support. The rear is in good condition. There are many broken and cracked plastic pieces in the interior. I will provide all the pieces separately in a box as they are brittle and do not want to break them any worse. I can loosely put in most of the interior for shipping. However the door panels are off as the window rails need lubrication and the rears out to repair the convertible pistons and rear window motor. I am missing the door key and will need to order one from Benz to be able to retrieve items in the trunk. The ignition is a different key and a new tumbler. It will take me about a week to get ready to ship depending on the key. I also want to make sure that I have all the parts for the car accounted for. I will check to make sure everything is working one more time. Shipping wise, I can ship the interior separate FOB Miami or put it loosely in the vehicle with 1 or 2 boxes of interior parts. The horn contact does not work and the horns are disconnected at the front. There are other minor items and was going to have the dealer prepare a nice tidy report. I can also do that, however I would have to add that to the final price. I just dont have time to list every single item, much less a full inspection. Im only listing the car a few days. Im a collector and have most of the parts to repair 124 vehicles in the workshop. I just have too many and not enough room in the stables. This one does not have a garage space. If you decide to pass I am going to continue to make repairs to the vehicle, however as repairs are done the offering price will also go up. These convertibles and E500 vehicles will be worth a good deal in 8 years. These convertible were produced in 96-97 in Europe they were so popular at the time. Originally an AMG project car. Driven on the weekends mainly and a 2nd car. No accidents, clear coat peeling, however show that this is the original paint. Ready for a new coat of Gluaserit Comes with 17x7.5 AMG 2 piece Rims and NO stock Rims. Will sell for 7500 with stock rims on car and NO AMG Rims. Stock Spare Included. Have maintenance records from 2007. New wire harness. There are as few things to fix. Good Car. Good daily driver as is. Prefer seller to inspect car and interior before purchase. South Miami 33143

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