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2006 Ford Explorer Xlt 4x4 Suv Expedition Gmc Chevy Acadia Envoy Blazer 4 Runner

2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 suv expedition gmc chevy acadia envoy blazer 4 runner

$ 2,750

Make: Ford
Model: Explorer
Condition: Used
Mileage: 194000
Engine: 4.0
Location: 38301, Jackson, Tennessee
SellerID: bsbyml
VIN#: 1ftww33r88ed40709

Seller's Notes:

*****UPDATE****** JUST Drastically Reduced for last day of the listing..Price is Super Low and FIRM!!!! 2006 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4 V8 In great condition... This has been owned by wife for about 10 years she bought it when it was just a year or 2 old...Shes the second owner....a couple years ago the transmission went out and we bought a new vehicle while it was in the the transmission has less than 20,000 miles on it...Other than the transmission we have had ZERO issues out of it and it runs great... We kept it as a back up spare vehicle.. Today if we wanted to take off on a 1000 mile road trip we would have zero issue taking this....(Other than She has gotten use to the size of a suburban haha..) Mechanically it is a 10 out of 10 there is no issues with it, or any random lights on the dash. Cosmetically it is a 9 out 10, there is no rips or tears in the seats, the interior is still very nice and the outside has no major dents or scratches. except the rear bumper has a little parking lot scuff....Im sure if we got real picky we could find some rock chips or shopping cart dings aswell...but for a 12 year old vehicle i would say it looks pretty good. Tires are the worst part of the vehicle, it will need tires soon but instead of me going and putting the cheapest possible new tires on it to sale it and say it has good tires, Ive adjusted the price down drastically and you can put whatever type of tires you want on it. if you were to come and drive it home a long distance the tires would be fine, but i would say you only have about 10,000 miles left in them. 4x4 works perfect. ac is cold, and heat is hot. front end is good, and brakes were replaced about 20k miles ago... It is paid for and owned free an clear..I have clear title in my possession.... We have a piece of property that has come up for sale and we have decided to buy and dont have enough money to pay for it..So I need the cash ASAP.....(Currently I'm selling everything extra that I can possibly do without for the moment.) I hate to price it this low bc I know I'll never find a truck this good for this price. I need the money more than this right now... You WILL NOT find a better deal on a Vehicle! I personally hate "selling" things and dealing with timewasters and tirekickers, so I've put a really LOW, (but FIRM! ) CASH ONLY PRICE on it, to make sure I have Quick, Hassle Free Sale, in the next few DAYS (instead of next few Weeks). Mine is just as nice as the ones you see priced a lot higher but the difference is; mine will be sold, while the others are still for sale next week. If you have been waiting an looking for the right one, at a bargain.... Here it is..... Buy it!!! You Wont be disappointed.... If you have questions, CALL ME.....73l...434...4157...(please don't text or email me) (its ok to call up to midnight.) Also this is NOT an Auction! You can own it Right Now for the price you see you don't have to wait for the listing time count down. I know it would probably bring more money doing an "Auction" but, bc I need the money, I don't want to take a chance of wasting all the time for the auction to run its course, and then the winner turn out to be a person that "can't get the money" or "wife says no" or for some reason, they don't come thru on their part..So to keep that from happening, I put a low enough "BUY IT NOW" price, that even if you live far away, its still worth your wild to come get it after transport cost. By the way, work is slow, so I would be open to delivering it to you.(or having one of my guys do so) We can discuss what a fair delivery price would be depending on where your located.... (of course it would have to be paid for in full, before it left the exceptions) OR your welcome to pick it up in person for free, at our farm located about 50 minutes south of Jackson Tn. Terms of sale $500 non refundable, and remaining balance paid in full with in 72hrs, sold as-is. Thanks for reading an happy ebaying

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