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1990 Jaguar Xjs Convertible

1990 Jaguar XJS Convertible

$ 6,225

Make: Jaguar
Model: Xjs
Condition: Used
Mileage: 115000
Engine: V12
Location: 35603, Decatur, Alabama
SellerID: mwashburn
VIN#: SAJNW4846LC174601

Seller's Notes:

A lot more photos here: If you are looking to buy a 18K-25K car at a great bargain, the condition of this car is not the same (so do not think this car is perfect, and you are getting the bargain of your lifetime). This is a fantastic car, but it is almost 30 years old, is old technology, and you need to dink with it from time to time. If you are looking to finance this car, remember it is old, and you would probably need exceptional credit to make this happen. I say this because I experienced this before on eBay and I tried and tried to contact the buyer, and never heard from them. Thus, I am relisting the car. This car will be eligible for an Alabama Antique tag in October 2019 (30 years old then). I bought this car in 2006. It had some rust in some parts of the body, the cruise control did not work, the AC was not functional, it had a warped head, some of the computers were dead, and the ABS light was on. In addition to the $9,500 I paid for it, I’ve spent over $25,000 on parts and labor over the years to get it where it is today, but there is more to do to make this baby perfect. I have replaced all the wood inside, the rag top, the rag top cover, the hood heat cover, and much more. I have had the engine fully rebuild (~4 years ago), added a CAT COOLER, and replaced most of the critical support parts (alternator, starter, wiring harnesses, battery, etc.). I replaced the instrument dash when I had the engine rebuilt, so the millage shown is not right (I’m including the original instrument dash with the car, in the event you want to repair and use it later). I had the main engine wiring harness replaced, I had the fuel tank replaced (fuel gauge is currently inoperative and the fuel warning light is on most of the time (lose wire maybe, as it does go off from time to time). The ABS light is still on, but the ABS breaking system works. The break light comes until you drive the car a bit, I think the lines need bled. The carpet needs replaced. The emergency break operates, but seems to have little impact. The AC never worked, and it still does not work. I spent over $3000 within the last 12 months, to get the squeaks out of the suspension. I had the hydraulics fixed in 2016 for the convertible top, but it needs manual assistance to get the top up. I think it needs more fluid or adjusting, but I'm not a mechanic. She whines a bit when you first start her up (especially cold weather), but after a couple of minutes I can’t hear it. Basically, there are a bunch of minor issues, none of them make the car any less fun to ride. When I drive this car, heads turn – and everyone lets me know it is a beautiful car. This car, as with most of the old XJS Jaguars, needs a trickle charger on it if you do not drive it often. This car has about 7 computers, and all the electronics on the car run down the battery. The battery on the car is less than 1 year old. The trickle charger I have in the trunk goes with the car. If you have never owned an XJS, this car is a different beast (more complex in a British way). I’m not a mechanic, so I have had all the work professionally done. The vehicle has about 110,000 to 115,000 miles on it by my best calculation. About 7.5K on this engine. The tires are great - and the car is fun to drive. The car runs great. It is great for long rides along the Tennessee River and in the Mountains here in north Alabama. So if you are a Jaguar aficionado, and you are looking for an XJS that could be worth 20K+, I think this would work for you. I'm trying to set expectations of all the little things that are wrong with the car, but I would buy this car again today if I were 10 years younger. I'm setting the price at $4000, no reserve. To me, this car is worth $9000 easy, but I need to get rid of it to make room for the new cars. Also, I am listing this car for $7800 on Autotrader and in the local newspaper, and reserve the right to end this auction in the event it sales. I’m also selling a 1994 XJS 2+2 (6 cylinder) Jaguar and a 2005 X-Type Estate Sport Wagon Jaguar. Good Luck!!! Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE

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